“Do you think if House music was around in the 1930's World War II would have happened?”

I'm quite looking forward to Sacha Baron Cohen's new film playing the super-gay Austrian fashion journalist Bruno….

Shooting Stars Caravan Sketch

I've been looking for this for a while. I think it's the final sketch from the final series of Shooting Stars. Matt Lucas & Bob Mortimer don't really get the sketch off the ground, it's just the corpsing that makes it even funnier.

Not often corpsing doesn't get left on the cutting room floor, so to speak, perhaps the best (worst?) at it were the late great Peter Cook & Dudley Moore… for example at 8min 40..

Dragon's Den spoof

Harry Enfield & Paul Whitehouse take on Dragon's Den… it's actually the two blokes making the pitch they probably get most accurately.

The new series is as patchy as ever, but still worth watching, especially for the “I Saw You Coming” sketches.