2 Girls 1 Cup

I've only just heard the story of this video clip thats been going around the web for a few months. I won't tell you what its about, I've not actually seen it my self (as of writing this anyway), but there are plenty of videos on YouTube of peoples reactions watching “2 Girls 1 Cup” for the first time…

How to Quanitfy the User Experience

Tribal Vision's SITS software for academic institutions, (also know as e:Vision) is with out doubt the worst software solution I've ever had the misfortune to encounter.

If there's anyone out there thinking about getting SITS, then don't. Get a decent development team and write something that actually does what your organisation needs in a modern 21st century way. I suspect SITS/e:Visions success is largely due to IT managers simply choosing SITS because other colleges are using it. Or maybe Tribal's sales people are simply amazing. Truth is it does nothing very clever, but appears to have no competitors and so hasn't evolved with the rest of the software industry.

SITS costs a fortune and you have to build most of it yourself… which they sell as an e:Vision feature; “It can do anything with it's HTML interface“. Well quite. Yet even this has horrible restraints, which come back to it's 1970s database design (8 character field names anyone), and it's hopeless interface. Even it's technical documentation is shoddy, and the Tribal people I encountered were years away from concepts like OOP, APIs and entity-relationship models…  

….. Anyway, thankfully I don't deal with it directly anymore, however it's awfulness is leaking onto the
websites I'm working on. The list of things wrong with SITS is long but one thing that really grates me now  is its total lack of anything approaching a nice “user experience”.

But then user experience is a tricky thing to quantify, how does someone say, no that screen design is not good enough? What's intuitive for one person isn't necessarily intuitive for another, there need to be some recognisable metrics to.

Thankfully work has been done on this, the links below offer some examples. There's a fair amount of work involved in getting the data required to do proper analysis but it could be worth it if it saves people time and gets them to where you want to be on your site.

Metrics for Heuristics: Quantifying User Experience (Part 1 of 2)
Metrics for Heuristics: Quantifying User Experience (Part 2 of 2)



Lanzarote 2002

Photos from the boys trip to Lanzarote…  where Steve, Jason, Ben & Own got cabin fever in a holiday resort that delivered so much less than it promised… 

This all took place in November 2002, during the firemen's strike and around the start of the 2002-03 Ashes series as Steve recalls..

Still the weather wasn't bad, and we all enjoyed Harley Davidson Rock Club and Linekers bar. And the cat was kind.

You can see all the photos on the link below (note this is a guest pass for Flickr).


My Birthday Meal & Aftershow Party 2007

Photos from my birthday meal in the Mirror Room, at The Engineer pub, Primrose Hill. Followed, possibly unwisely, with a bit of an “after-show” back at the flat.

The party ended with me turning everyone out at 4am, in the knowledge I had my parents visiting for lunch, which I at least made!

Photos, loads of 'em, can be viewed here


Note this link is the guest pass, no one else will be able to view them – unless you forward that link on…

Photos from Aidan & Jason's Birthday Party

Updated.. my pictures added plus guest pass link corrected for Aidan's photos..

Here are mine.


I didn't have my camera out for long, I didn't take many, but Aidan's got many more at his Flickr

Aidan's friend took these…


The photos are on a “guest pass” so if they aren't showing then you'll need to contact Aidan about that…