Drum kit t-shirt

As if drummers aren't annoying enough tapping every thing in sight when not actually drumming, this T shirt is just going to make matters worse ..

The t-shirt has 7 drum sounds built into and a loud so everyone can hear drums play as the wearer taps each drum/cymbal on his shirt…

Sanyo Xacti CG9

Sanyo release their retro-styled camcorder this month. For around the £200 mark it records in MPEG4, has 5x optical zoom, and can shoot at 60 fps (making slo-motion a possiblity). It can also capture stills at 9.1 megapixels and is supposedly very easy to use and has been out in Japan for a while.

Built in is 40MB memory, and stores roughly 1 hour 20 minutes video recording per GB.

On downside it's doesn't record in HD, but at the price it seems like a bit of a bargain.

Full details from Sanyo site: www.sanyodigital.com/product.aspx?v=21