Pay to be followed by a celebrity

Pay to be followed by a celebrity on Twitter. Sounds desperate but it is for the charity, and some of the celebs are offering more than just the promise to follow your Tweets.

Armando Iannucci for example will also write and tweet five jokes about you, or Tim Key will write a poem about you,while others are offering “meets”, tickets for their shows etc. And Gabby Logan is offering “the splits.

eBay Comic Relief  – Twitrelief Super Follow

Bo Bo

Only just learnt the phrase Bo Bo (Bourgeois Bohemian) today, describing the kind who reside in East London’s Hoxton, Shoreditch, etc – a New Labour equivalent to Thatcher’s “yuppies”. Good. It needed a name; phrases like trendies or hipster weren’t really accurate as it isn’t just a fashion thing, I think it does describe slightly older group, most likely working in media or creative industries. Continue reading

Business owners do not normally work for money..

“Saying that the point of business is to produce profit is like saying
that the whole point of playing basketball is to make as many baskets as
possible. One could make many more baskets by having no opponent.”

Good piece from on the goal of business – an extract from the book Disclosing New Worlds: Entrepreneurship, Democratic Action and the Cultivation of Solidarity