HTML Email Standards

There are no standards for HTML email, and this bugs me every couple of months when I have to design a new HTML email template because there's so much testing involved across different browsers, web mail systems and installed clients.

It would be so much better if everyone worked to an agreed set of standards, which is what the Email Standards Project is trying to do.

One day I'm hoping everyone will support CSS embedded in document head, but until then it's fiddly in-line styles on just about every markup tag. Still there are many that don't think we should be even trying to style HTML emails, (Jeffrey Zeldman who I hold in high regard being one) and say it's just a message format.

The Making Of Together Alone

Together Alone is possibly my favourite album, certainly it’s songs resonate with me unlike any other. The trouble is it’s by Crowded House and so telling anyone who doesn’t know the bands musical canon may well be baffled by this statement, thinking only of the popular but ultimately light weight pop of the hit single “Weather With You” What they won’t know is the deeper, darker side to them that always had always permuted through some album tracks, Continue reading

Polaroid's back

And by that I mean they are making and selling the Polaroid 600 film again (after Polaroid
declared no more film
in 2008) – which is great as just last this week I was contemplating throwing away my old camera.

Black & White film (which I never found any good) is already on sale in John Lewis, with colour to be stocked later this year. It's still not cheap, but better than eBay prices which had reached £40 for 10 sheets of out of date stock.

Full story here, which I had missed at the time; Polaroid-film-manufactured-once-again