Pop-up restaurant CPH Meal

Wonderful food served simply, occasionally goes the strap line. CPH Meal takes the pop up restaurant concept and throws in social media elements, so that diners can follow the creation of the menu concept, the sourcing of the ingredients – though not the actual menu, they'll have to work out what went where on the night  My bad, the menu is now up… and very interesting it looks too (with more details on each dish coming soon on the CPH Meal blog).
CPH Meal aims to offer one off events in one-off locations Copenhagen (CPH) and is the brainchild of three food loving friends Chris Calvert, Aaron and Noma chef Ben Greeno and Aaron. Their first event is only days away, but was booked out weeks ago – I was privy to some of the planning during my recent stay in Denmark and was impressed with some of the ideas they've got for their next events.


You can also follow CPH Meal on Twitter.