Flight Control

Flight Control is the best game for the iPhone, it's game play perfectly matches
the devices form – this game would only work on a hand held touch screen. And like all the best games it's appear deceptively simply,
has a gradual learning curve and becomes addictive to master.

If there's
any criticism it would be that once you get good at it, you'll find the first few minutes after re-starting a bit
dull while you wait for the action to pick up. Would be better if you could re-start at certain stages in the game, say after 10 planes, 20 planes etc.

Get it here for 59 UK pence
from iTunes

Flight Control display


Leon restaurants

Leon is fast becoming my favourite not-quite-a-restaurant restaurant, and it gets that accolade by me having eaten there three times last week. For those not familiar it's kinda of a European-Mediterranean style food, but with a very feel to it.

The restaurants themselves have quite high production values, yet the food is really good value – and of course tastes great. Apparently it's been around for years and I'm a late comer to the party, and hoping they'll keep on expanding to get one closer to where I work, though at the moment cycling down in the evening sun to dinner isn't all that bad.