Wired Magazine comes (back) to the UK

My favorite magazine Wired has now launched in the UK, though not for the first time. I remember the magazine launching in the UK during the dot-com-boom, and closing shortly after the dot-com-crash. It will be nice to read the magazine where the adverts aren't in dollars and only available in the US, however I hope it covers the same big stories otherwise I'm going to have to carry on buying the international edition too..



Ping.fm lets you update all your social media networks in one fell swoop. Really, anyone whose got time to be on that many social networks probably isn't doing much else. I would be interested to know what the average number of social networks people belong to these days, or perhaps more usefully how many people are actively involved in.  For me it's Facebook & Twitter, with Friendster, LinkedIn, MySpace getting a single login a month.



“Do you think if House music was around in the 1930's World War II would have happened?”

I'm quite looking forward to Sacha Baron Cohen's new film playing the super-gay Austrian fashion journalist Bruno….