Gorillaz Go Bananaz

A film about the real people behind the animated Gorillaz pop band is set for release later this year. There second album was a classic, and more serious than their cartoon personas would have you believe. 

Be interesting to see how they got Dennis Hopper on board for the narration of  “Fire Coming Out of the Monkey's Head”…

View Gorillaz Go Bananaz – Bananaz Film Trailer here

Quad Camera

Quad Camera is an iPhone application that produces multi-shot images. By default you get four images either in a single row or in two rows as below, this can be change to a 6 or 8 images, along with the time delay between each shot. It also adds a vignette effect, which gives it that lomo-like look and the latest version also allows you to adjust the time between shots.

Playing around with the images like this seems to be the best way to get over (disguise) the phones poor resolution. It's not free, (£1.19 in the UK) but currently my favorite iPhone camera toy.

Link to Quad Camera on iTunes Store