Twitter moving into main stream adoption?

Article about Twitter's slow move into the main stream. I admit to being a late
comer to this particular party. I think people are still working how exactly it
fits in between all the other communications tools we have at our disposal;
email, blogs, social networks etc.

I think this confusion with the “is
that all it does
” response you get when you tell people about it means that it's
not there yet. But with organisations are now starting to use Twitter to keep
customers and clients informed, people may become more familiar with it's

Update. Chris Calvert suggested link to The 3 Stages Of Twitter Acceptance – seems about right!

Currently the demographic using Twitter is described as;

….“young and ethnically diverse singles
living in big-city metros” represent 14.7% of Twitter visitors,
followed by “Young Cosmopolitan” 40-somethings likely to be
environmentally aware and earning household incomes over $250K a year
with liberal political leanings

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G Drive's a coming..

Speculation is rife amongst the web geek fraternity that Google is about to
launch free online “cloud” storage. Already
dubbed the G drive this will let everyone store anything and everything they want, photos,
music, files, etc online.

With the most common applications already running in the
cloud (Google Docs, Zoho, even Microsoft Office is getting in on the game) and
internet connectivity becoming ubiquitous
this would appear be another nail in the coffin for the PC as we know it
today. And while gamers, video editors, graphics designers and 3D modellers will
disagree – the internet isn't fast enough yet for these CPU intensive activities
to go cloud, for the average user it might be enough to make a harddisc free cheap netbook all they'll ever need.

The benefits are great; all your
files always available everywhere you are (internet
permitting, plus you expect they'll do a better job backing up that most users do! But on the other hand the risks are that users give over all their files to one big organsation, which I'm sure this is only going to tempt hackers as well as make it easier for governments organisations to snoop. Google may announce some in-built encryption, but more savy users will likely want to provide their own for really personal documents.

The signs are strong it's going to happen, (Picasa for Mac included a link to move pictures to a Google Web Drive for example). It will be interesting to see how people use it, will they literally use it to replace their hard drive, or will they be more cautious and use it more for archiving and backups.

See also Cloud Computing.

Wireless Printing for iPhone

Air.Photo is a wireless print server that runs on PC and Mac, plus an iPhone app that lets you wireless print your photos from your phone. Not tried yet, but could be useful when Apple decide to give the iPhone a camera good enough to actually print photos from.

I'm still looking for a way to delete photos from iPhone with out having to go through them one by one… can't find anything that does this yet, not on a Windows PC anyway.

NY Tap Water

This makes sense, insteading of importing water – and think about it, really that's insane, Tap'dNY simply purify New York tap water, bottle it and and sells it on in chill cabinets around the city.

Enviromentally friendly, it seems like such an obivous thing to do. Where's Tap'dLondon ?

PhotoSynth in use

Photosynth is a Microsoft technology that creates 3D spaces from anyone's 2D photos, basically binding together photographs from different angles of the same scene. It was demo'd last year at some technology event or other, and released for Windows soon afterwards.

It's built on the Silverlight technology which Redmond will hope compete with Adobe's AIR web application platform. It isn't yet, but PhotoSynth is pretty good and is now being used by news sites like CNN for events where photographs exist from all sorts of angles, the most recent obvious example is the moment Obama took his oath..

Nice Critic

Nice Critic – it's a website which allows you to anonymously send a message to any
email address. Anonymous messages could turn nasty, but Nicecritic doesn't let
you send any message, no. A list of messages are provided – grouped together in
a range of different categories (Office Behaviour, Personal Hygiene, Appearance

All the messages are phrased as nice as can possibly be, e.g.

“If done judiciously, the use of cosmetics could go a long way to enhance one’s professionalism.”

Here's some more…
“You may not realize it, but you tend to touch the monitor screen when you are pointing at something and it leaves a smudge.
“Stories about your kids are not as interesting as they used to be.
” It seems like your thong is showing. “