How psychics work (or rather don't)

Richard Dawkins talks to Derren Brown about psychics, spiritualists, palmists, astrologists etc – and some of the tricks, such as cold reading, they employ to seduce the weak minded in believing in them.
It's the full interview, including re-takes and parts where it goes off track, spread over 6 parts on YouTube, starting below.
The final part (6) talks about skepticism, and we find Derren is, maybe suprisingly, an ex-Christian.

Blur return

News today of Blur “re-forming”, though in fact they never actually split up, but an essential part of the band did leave for a while and without him. I suspect it' s about the money, the gig announced is a huge one and it will be interesting to see if there's any new material.

The great thing with Blur was it was four different characters, in fact I can't think of many other bands where I can name all the members. It was the trying to please all four of them that I think gave them their diversity and such a great sound (Alex wanting disco, Graham wanting punk = Girls & Boys). Yep, the BBC article today got it right; Why Graham Is The Heart of Blur

Free Coffee from Prêt

Prêt A Manger have launched the Pret card, a debit card for use in their stores. The card can be picked up in store for free and registering online puts £2.10 (the price of a coffee) on the card immediately.

There's nothing to stop you setting up as many of these cards as you like, though you'll need a different email address – try Melt Mail mentioned last week to set up a temporary email address.

Oliver Overkill

Just visited the local newsagents to find Jamie Oliver's chubby little face adorning the main display, that's not much of a surprise, the thing is this time it was on his own magazine….

Yes Jamie Magazine (surely it should be called Oi Jamie!) Issue 1 was launched today. Inside it's the usual celebrity mate articles, some recipies, a chance to see Jamies huge house again. A whole magazine of Jamie Oliver's ego, who can stomach it.