Over-the-air Google Calendar sync to iPhone

Neuvasync is a free service that bi-directionally synchronises your iPhone calendar with
your Google Calendar. This is fantastic for someone like me whose been relying on Google Calendar (GCal) for a while. Now all those events are on the phone and
likewise any I add while out and about are in GCal next time I check… yeah that's what
bi-directional means.

Throw in the Google Cal Sync utilty to synchronise GCal with your (Windows) Outlook calendar  and now everythings sycnd with everthing, and I have no excuse to miss an appointment ever again.


By the way, Neuvasync works with other PDAs and mobiles as well, not just the iPhone.

Melt Mail

Free temporary email addresses that disappears (or “melts”) after a 6, 12 or 24
hours, useful for signing up to likely-to-spam websites. Melt Mail creates a
random email that will forward to your real email address for the amount of time
you choose, avoiding any future spam.


No One Died Xmas Special

No One Died returns on Saturday 6th December, with DJ's playing music from the 50's through to last Thursday, excellent hand picked bands, balloons, bingo and burlesque dancer Kiska Von Amuor…

We're back where we belong, safe at the warm bosom of The Enterprise, sucking hard at the teet in misguided self-belief, stopping only to get a swig of mulled wine.

Playing up a storm for us this time will be:

Dynamic singer & guitarist that transports audiences to a dark but beautiful world. Her music is recalls such luminaries as Nick Cave, Ennio Morricone and Dave Bowie, but ultimately she creates a sound that is very much her own.  www.myspace.com/annacalvi

Combining extraordinary vocals with lush instrumentation, featuring toy piano, viola and musical saw, Orphans and Vandals are magical, and just a touch surreal.  ww.myspace.com/orphansandvandals 

Intelligent and brilliantly danceable, wonky pop in the vein of Steriolab, Architecture In Helsinki & Hot Chip.

All these bands plus our burlesque dancer, KISKA VON AMUOR (or the No One Bride if you like), will be a public dancer, a dancer for very little money.

The Cover Version Bingo will be back, with a Christmassy Theme.

And let us not forget the Incomparable Compere, who will doubtlessly forget the names of the bands.

All this, plus the regular DJ's playing music from the 50's through to last Thursday, multiple balloons, a body drawn on the floor and all the fun you can shake your booty at. If you have a booty. I'm not terribly sure I know what one is.

No One Died: Drunk on Brandy Butter, but all the better for it.

Let me Google that for you

If, like me, you find your self running Google searches for people at work who are too stupid or too lazy to look stuff up for themselves you might like this.

You enter your intelligently thought out search terms you would normally, but instead of sending the requester the results you send them a link which shows them what you did to get the first place…  Does that make sense? Oh just check it out, you'll see what I mean…