No One Died Halloween Special

No One Died club takes over Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes on Friday 31st October for it's Halloween Special…

Joana and the Wolf headline, with their frenetic, chaotic,  hypnotic stage presence and songs that sound like Kate Bush scratching her way out of an asylum. Un-missable. 

The glorious Friends of the Bride are also with us again, dressed to nines; well dressed, with bowling melodies and wit to   the fore; they must be seen live.

Lastly, but still Silvery are, Silvery. Frenetic, Zippy, and   wonderful, they come across like Sparks and the Cardiacs. Word Magazine gave them a great review last month and we cannot wait to see them again.   

We will be showing classic Horror films and have a special   Halloween Bingo- simply identify the spooky track, mark if off   on your card and the first person to get a complete line wins a   prize.   In the DJ booth are The Evil Camden Slags, RodAlmighty and the Possessed Mr Marvin.  

We recommend fancy dress, though it's not mandatory – but the most  imaginative costume wins a prize, so get thinking and stitching now.

 No One Died; It's Halloween, so why not go Bowling!    Friday 31st Oct, 9pm-3am Venue: Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes,   Basement of Tavistock Hotel, Bedford Way, London WC1H 9EU, Entry   ¬£4. Nearest tube: Russell Sq/Euston

BBC, Sachs, Brand, Ross

The furore of the
Russell Brand & Jonathan Ross phone messages continues unabated by apologies
from the perpetrators, or nor by the fact that only two people actually
complained on the day.

 I don't think it was a particularly funny joke,
and the producers should have had the common sense not to broadcast that
segment. What's interesting and possibly worse is that Andrew Sachs was
contacted for permission to use the tapes, which he actually gave because he
hadn't clearly heard the recordings from his mobile phone plus the producer
suggested they might re-do the interview (with Mr Sachs present this time).

I think lincslad21 probably summed it up best on the Sun website

” ok I've never really like brand bit of a gimp. Ross dont mind too much
but makes me laugh, but these guys arnt allowed to have a laugh as its
deemed to be offensive but this bird can slag of brand to the national
paper. bit odd that one. Bit of a daffed Idea to do this on BBC Radio 2
as its really only the toffy nose people who listen to it but it wasnt
a too bad of a gag and I rekon made a fair few people laugh and that
sach fella aint to fussed just his grand daughter tryin to get a but of
publicity me thinks “

Sterling goes bust

Damn, my new favourite airline Sterling
went under today. I say new favourite airline, I used them just once to get me
to Copenhagen – which they did very well and very cheaply, they even let me
choose a seat and change my return flight cheaply, something Ryanair haven't
managed yet. I was relying on them to take me back to Denmark.

the credit crunch is becoming to nip at me.

Seven hundred friends, and I was drinking alone

Article in New York Times by Hal Niedzviecki who invited all 700 of his friends on Facebook for a drink … only one showed up.

This is the truth about Facebook, most of those people aren't really “friends” as such – more acquitances or even just people we've met once but hope to meet again. There probably needs to be a new word forged for this type of relationship.