Swedish Twins cause mayhem on Motorway

Don't normally watch these sort of programmes (oh yeah), but this is just mental…

Two Swedish twins decide to see how many times they could get hit on the motorway. They decide to cross the road together, and even after being caught…  well it's almost unbelivable. I think they may have been on something.

The real Alan Partridge?

Possibly the worse radio interview ever? No really..

Les Ross show on BBC confuses Singh Kohli's comedy memoir about food with his BBC Radio
4 series about the partition of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. “I
thought it was that with fish and chips thrown in,” offers Ross. No,
replies the author. One's funny, the other's about genocide


Guillermo Vargas

Guillermo Vargas is conceptual artist whose work included an emaciated dog tied to a wall by a length of rope which depending on whose report you read was left to starve to death, or escaped…

I would hate to think that the former was true. The gallery say it was fed and only on dispaly for three hours a day. The artist Vargas stated that the exhibit and it's controversy serverd to highlight hypocrisy, in that no one cares about a dog that starves to
death in the street but when left to die in a gallery it becomes outrageous. Not sure that's true, people might care about dog in street but may not be able do anything about it – which isn't the same thing. At the same time for the dog it makes little difference to it whether it dies in the street or a gallery. Perhaps the point is that it shouldn't have died either way.


Drum kit t-shirt

As if drummers aren't annoying enough tapping every thing in sight when not actually drumming, this T shirt is just going to make matters worse ..

The t-shirt has 7 drum sounds built into and a loud so everyone can hear drums play as the wearer taps each drum/cymbal on his shirt…

Shooting Stars Caravan Sketch

I've been looking for this for a while. I think it's the final sketch from the final series of Shooting Stars. Matt Lucas & Bob Mortimer don't really get the sketch off the ground, it's just the corpsing that makes it even funnier.

Not often corpsing doesn't get left on the cutting room floor, so to speak, perhaps the best (worst?) at it were the late great Peter Cook & Dudley Moore… for example at 8min 40..