The BBC have today a very good article on “management speak”, those phrases that get bandied around the office and in meetings with little consideration to actully having meaning.

One good one picked up on, is people saying 110%, or indeed any amount beyond the actually possible 100%. This of course isn't limited to offices, sportspeople (football managers specifically) have been talking in terms of 150% percent and higher for quite a while.

I remember once the then-chancellor Gordon Brown saying he was 101% behind Tony Blair, to which people reacted 'What? Only 101?'”


Helmut Newton Machine

Topshop are providing a “Helmut Newton Machine” at their flagship stores over the Summer months and allowing anyone to go in, grab some clothes from the store and take some self-portrait in a mini-studio environment.

Of course Helmut Newton was quite famous for his more risqué photographs, but got a feeling Topshop won't let you try these (or at least publish them).