Tiny Dancer

Tiny Dancer is my favourite Elton John song, in truth I don't like many of his songs, this and Benny and The Jets make my list.

This version is by geek-rocker Ben Folds, complete with EJ glasses and posturing.

The song features a piano-based
melody during verses, typically inscrutable Taupin lyrics during the
chorus, and an arrangement that at the start features pedal steel guitar and light percussion but, transitioning subtly halfway through one of the choruses, by the end is driven by Paul Buckmaster's dynamic strings, along with a barely heard backing choir.

From Wikipedia

MicroTrack II

The MicroTrack II offers two channel stereo CD quality recording (up to 100 minutes) in a light weight hand held unit, ideal for recoding gigs, live sets etc. Recordings are stored to Flash memory and can be moved to computer via USB 2.0. Selling in UK for £200

  • Extended input gain range
  • Analog input limiter with bypass
  • 48V phantom power
  • Monitor S/PDIF input via headphones while recording
  • Seamless recording of files greater than 2GB
  • Customizable folders for organizing files
  • Built-in CompactFlash speed test


Joy Zipper

Joy Zipper are a singer songwriting duo (and partners in real life) from Long Island, New York who sound to me like a blissed out summer version of Sonic Youth, alternatively described as “ethereal pop” if you like.

All their albums are consistently good, perfect for Summer days and nights, but if you can find it, their debut EP is a good place to start, especially for the sublime “Check Out My New Jesus” final track.

Joy Zipper play Camden Barfly tomorrow night.

Apprentice – Week 9

So Raef Bjayou goes, the slightly “plummy”, slightly “wordy” one. Bit of a surprise, and you suspect they are keeping top-twat Michael Sophocles in as the patomine villian right until the end now. At this point, my money would be on Lucinda.

One naff advert, that was clearly an advert, and one more stylish advert that looked like a scene from an awful TV movie for kids… Alan like the former of course, cause it kept showing the product in a garrish box – as shown below…