Vote tomorrow…

You Londoners, don't forget to vote tomorrow…. ideally for Ken, but just vote… enough apathy already, get involved.

Still not decided – try the BBC's Candidate key policy page

Sure it's going to be a close one.

One of Mr Johnson's failings is a belief that the public is there to
serve him, not vice versa,”
he said. “He is pushy, he is thoughtless,
he is indiscreet about his private life.
” – Simon Heffer , The Telegraph, today.

Spinning Dancer

Is the dancer below spinning clockwise or anti-clockwise..

The fact is it doesn't matter… but it looks clockwise from where I'm sitting.

Still it's quite an interesting optical illusion, and the reasons behind the directional ambiguity as explained in an article oin the New York times today…

Dr. Toppino advises staring at one part of the image, such as the foot,
and most of the time it will eventually flip.
I tried this several
times, but it never flipped. Dr. Toppino says in people who can’t see
the reversal, it may be that one underlying neural structure is more
dominant, but once someone finally manages to see the flip, it will
start to happen more often.

Sandwich Cake (or Smörgåstårta for short)

On my most recent trip to Sweden I got to try a Swedish specaility called Smörgåstårta which translates sandwich cake. It's pretty much as it sounds, the one I experienced was round, brightly coloured and looked just like a normal (sweet) cake… which is why I initially turned down a beer, thinking tea was probably the more appropiate option.

Inside was egg, prawns, cheese and other classic Swedish favorites. I'm surprised I'd not come across one of these things before. It tasted good, just a bit confusing that's all.

Mixing Up The Medicine

Mixing Up The Medicine is a free indoor micro-festival; two floors, 10 bands, a quiz and much much more – and you won't lose a shoe in the mud. It's put together by the people behind No One Died and Uptight, at The Enterprise pub in Chalk farm on May 25th.

Starting at 3pm on Bank Holiday Sunday (25th May), there will be 10
bands across two floors, a trivia quiz, a cigarette girl, face-painters
and lots of rambunctious fun.

Upstairs we’ll have bands
playing from 6pm, with Uptight and No One Died DJ’s spinning whatever
it is we fancy spinning in between.

Downstairs we’ll have an
acoustic stage with bands playing from 3pm until 6pm then again from
7.30 until late. In between we’ll have a trivia quiz with plenty to
win, and DJ’s playing folk and country, for your delectation.

Bands so far confirmed are:
Sad Captains, Tom Allalone & The 78s, Horsebox, The Loves, Kelman,
Filthy Pedro, The Zetland Players, Marcel and more to be confirmed.

bands have been hand picked by our keen-eared music scientists. All
bands are guaranteed totally free range and at least two are organic.

friends, this is the ONLY festival this year at which you won’t lose a
shoe in the mud. Kick start the summer with loads of fantastic bands,
the usual No One Died / Uptight camaraderie, but with four times the

The Enterprise
2 Haverstock Hill
London NW3 2BL
Tel: 020 74852659
Tube: Chalk Farm
Price: FREE

SatNav offers parking advice

Japanese SatNav devices are being updated with information on where cars have been broken into or stolen and then doling out advice on where to park…

I like the idea that the SatNav voice could tell you more about the area, perhaps offer some tips on your destination on the way. You might need to let the SatNav know more about you, so it can offer advice on what bars in the area to avoid “You won't like the music in there” .