No One Died @ The Enterprise, Saturday

No One Died returns this Saturday to The Enterprise for more music, dancing, bingo, balloons and nodka…

This time around we have MOLLOY as our headline act. They’re nominated in the Indie awards, but we don’t think Indie music wouldn't’t get a Molloy Award, so it’s just not important. What is important is that Molloy make sizzling, sexy, barn-storming electro pop, the likes of which would make CSS blush. Get set for a biting, fizzing, blitz of a set from our favorite band of the hour.

Molloy, yesterday

If you’d rather Fleetwood Mack than Jack, then the superb Jingly, and positively jangly SILENT ALLIANCE will be a pleasant respite from this electrical storm. Specializing in the melodic, danceable melancholopop made famous by New Order and The Smiths, they’ll be breezing in on the painted motorcycles of your dreams, breaking your hearts, and disappearing back to 1983 just as quickly.

Third, but all winners in their Dad’s hearts, WHAT EVERY WOMAN WANTS come on like early Depeche Mode before all the death and darkness, or early OMD, without the in-house quibbling. WEWW, as we’re unadvisedly calling them, are a great find, rising, phoenix like, from the ashes of the Bee Bee See, they’re going to be medium to large, mark our printed words.

Plus movable DJs, The Camden Slags, iRod & MightyMartin (or whatever he's calling himself this month).

So, if you’re the kind of person who just can’t control your feet or if you have a mind which cannot be sated by bands like The Kooks or Razorlight, if you’ve got a problem, that No One Else can help then you know you can find them, because it’s fairly well publicized, maybe you should try No One Died.

Saturday 5th April 2008, Upstairs at, The Enterprise, Camden. 8pm till late. £5 on door, £4 with flyer.