Banged Up With Blunkett

I bumped into David Blunkett once in 1994 in Majorca. We were in one of those convenience stores they have under the  large hotels which sell everything from milk and bread, to flip-flops and other beach paraphernalia. David Blunkett was buying a beach ball and my friends and I purchased the same “Blunkett Ball” to kick around the pool too.

This was during the Conservative years, before Blunkett's rise to Home Secretary and his brace of resignations. He seemed quite happy then with his black labrador beside him, while his wife decided which margarine to buy.

I can't say I'm thrilled to hear of another reality TV show, but the title alone “Banged Up With Blunkett” raises a smile. The set up is that Mr Blunkett will reside as parole officer over ten teenage delinquents, determining whether they should walk. Contestants (another word for teenage delinquents) are also lectured by former criminals.

Yet again the programme title and the concept remind me a little of Brass Eyes spoofs, specifically the videos of celebrities offering guidance shown to new inmates and repeat offenders.

Róisín Murphy

 I don't own any Kylie albums, not through snobbishness, she does great pop – but I just don't think I'd ever listen to a complete album of hers. With that in mind Róisín Murphy's album Overpowered could to fall into the same category –  polished dance influenced pop. Yet somehow it doesn't. Somehow her vocals, the songs, the electro house influenced production has kept me listening to it all the way through on numerous occasions this year. I don't really have anything else like it in my collection but it's highly recommended.

I'm a fan of the music now but I was always a fan of Róisín herself – clearly the most stylish woman in pop.

Captain Spangles Crystal Gathering

Handed a flyer last night for Captain Spangles Crystal Gathering is club night at Monkey Chews (Camden, Dirty London).  The flyers got some great bands listed, and the night will be playing Southern/Northern Soul, Country Tinged 60 & 70's rock and psyche rock.

It sounds great.  I'm there.

Saturday March 1st. Monkey Chews, 2 Queens Crescent . £3 on the door.

More info here