US Candidate Picker

Not sure who to follow of the US Candidates. Help is at hand with this “candidate picker”, simply answer a few questions saying whether you agree or appose and you'll find out who you should be voting for.

Though of course voting is only open to the US public, so why are we following it so much here.. because the US is all powerful, never forget.

Oh, and I got Kucinich.

Trees Reviewed

” Trees. It seems like you see them everywhere these days. But are trees
viable in the long-term, or just another flash-in-the-pan fad for the
under-30 crowd?

Trees are generally pleasing to look at, with the exception of the
birch, which comes off as a bit “uppity”. But what's below all the eye
candy? “

Steven Frank's blog normally discusses gadgets and things, but his review of “trees” is inspired.

Full review of trees here:

MTV 1983

Three hours of MTV from 1983 have turned up on Appelogen site. It's amazing how slow moving it seems today, though at the time it was touted as the latest thing for attention defiant teenagers..

MTV was sponsoring The Police's Synchronicity tour at the time. It also looks like the weekend coming up was Genesis weekend…. it was more AOR than I remember it.

Videos include David Bowie – Modern Love, Prince – Little Red Corvette, The Who – You Better You Bet….. and, er, Quite Riot – Cum On Feel The Noize… yeah, there's a few bands time thankfully forgot and video making was clearly still in it's infancy. The adverts are good though, “Dial 01800 – HOT ROCK” … 

There's 3 hours of that crazy 1983 MTV television here

State Magazine

State is a new monthly music magazine giving in-depth coverage of music and popular culture. The magazine, based in Ireland, predominately covers the Irish music scene.

The actual magazine doesn't launch until March, but the website is already up and looks very promising.

I should declare an interest at this point as say the magazine's founder is Phil who I shared best man honors with last Summer. Back then it was all very hush hush, so it's great to see it's finally happening…

Phil Udell reviews Goldfrapp's new album

The maths behind waiting for a bus

Harvard University mathematician Scott Kominers does the maths on when to give up waiting on a bus, or whether to walk to next bus stop…

In this recreational mathematics note, we address a simple, yet instructive
Justin has to travel a distance of d miles along a bus route. Along this
route, there are n bus stops i, each spaced at a distance of d_i from the
starting point. At each bus stop, Justin is faced with a choice: to walk or to
wait. If he walks on, he can still catch a bus at the next bus stop–but if a
bus passes him while he walks, he is almost assured a longer wait.

We model Justin's decision constraint and completely solve the model in a
special case. The answer is intuitive: the optimal strategy is the laziest.