Tilt-Shift Photography

I read about tilt-shift photography somewhere last December, and had a go at the cheaper way of doing it – with out using special lenses. It seems it's now here with a bigger buzz, thanks partly to Paul Smith hosting an exhibition Naoki Honjo's tilt-shift work

Tilt-shift photos are also called “fake model photos”, for the effect they give the picture.

The really good, sharp, tilt-shift pictures use special lenses and cameras – but it's actually pretty easy to do something similar just using Photoshop….. here's one I made last year of Regent's College following this tutorial


Frock Me!

Frock Me! is a vintage fashion event, held occasionally in Chelsea Town Hall in the King’s Road, London. Sellers provide an unrivaled collection of vintage clothing and accessories and jewelery alongside modern designer wear. There's also a vintage tea room, playing old 78s to get you in the vintage mood.

The next Frock Me! is on the 9th of December, which is followed in the evening by “Frock Me! On The Dancefloor” – a vintage swing night featuring The Magic Numbers playing jazz, gypsy & swing.

The club part is a the same locaiton, Chelsea Town Hall, with admission £8 (students with valid ID £6), full paying visitors to Frock Me! get a £3 discount to the evening event.


Print to any printer on the internet

Print to any printer on the internet with PrinterAnywhere software, in some ways better than a fax (no dedicated machine and phone line for starters).

To print “anywhere”, you'll first need to install some software on the printers host machine, which the makers will take less than a minute. I've not tried, but am planning on filling my brother's office with paper soon.


Creepy Co-Workers could kill Facebook

Article about people “rebooting” Facebook; that is dropping their Facebook account and starting anew to loose all those virtual-friends, co-workers and people you hardly know, or really care to know.

People left Friendster for MySpace not just because it was a bit creaky, but also to start a fresh, likewise MySpace filled up with bands and clubs and lost touch. Now it seams Facebook's future is apparently doomed due to the boss and the co-workers you secretly despise asking to be your friend. To say no to them isn't good for work relations…

” It's socially awkward to refuse to add someone to your friends list —
but removing someone from your friend-list is practically a declaration
of war. “