Another A Camp Album

A Camp's first album was a low key, delicate affair of country tinged ballads and melancholic lyrics. I didn't think there would be a follow up, but apparently there is, and it sounds like the next on could be more lively..

Right now I'm super-inspired by Adam & the Ants trying to recreate their wet drum-sound on my coming solo record.

(Nice song, shame about the video).

Rubbish Sniffing – A Natural High

Yes,  rubbish sniffing is the latest craze about to sweep the nation. Steal a wheelie bin, set it's contents on fire, stick your head in the smoke, inhale and get high…

Apparently this all started in South Yorkshire, where “bin parties” are now apparently the latest way for young adults to socialise and relax.

One way to avoid your bins being stolen and set ablaze could be lock them away, or disguise them. Wheelie Bin Art on the other hand can make your look more like a drug capsule than ever before.

No One Died Club – Saturday 6th October

Like clockwork, the next No One Died club is turning up a month after the last one, which was a roaring success by all accounts…. 

Saturday 6th October 8pm till 1am
Upstairs at The Enterprise
2 Haverstock Hill
Camden, London, NW3 2BL
Map here

For October the 6ths night we have…

  • More hand picked ace bands…. including the excellent Kaputt who played at our debut night, and Marcel who we had to let play as two of them run No One Died… .. we would have let them play anyway, for they are good.
  • More DJs than you can shake your sticks at….including iRod Touch, and the inevitable Camden Slags.
  • More fun than you could imagine there could be in an upstairs room above a busy pub. Crazy Covers Bingo┬«, helium gas (in balloons for heavens sake), booze, dancing and enough chairs for most people.

    Regular Expression To Remove HTML Tables

    Posting this so I don't forget it.

    I've just people at work edit some content held in a database for display on website, but I didn't prevent them copying & pasting HTML tables. So now I need to remove them to keep things looking nice (and usability up).

    An alternative solution for me would be to remove the HTML in the SQL database itself. One suggested approach is plugging in the poweful C# RegEx functionality into SQL via the common runtime language..

    Fashion Is Vanity And Consumerism?

    Fashion Is Vanity And Consumerism? Discuss.

    ” There is this suggestion that fashion is not an art form or a cultural
    form, but a form of vanity and consumerism”….Particularly in
    academia, where bodies are just carts for hauling around brains, the
    thrill and social play and complex masquerade of fashion is “very much
    denigrated,” Ms. Showalter said. “The academic uniform has some
    variations,” she said, “but basically is intended to make you look like
    you're not paying attention to fashion, and not vain, and not
    interested in it, God forbid. ”
    From New York Times piece, “Admit It. You Love It. It Matters”


    What would happen if papers reported what hadn't happened, what wasn't news… anti-news…

    Breaking news about a blurry photo, could it be? Then breaking news, no it's not!

    The tabloids really know what people want to read.  I'm hoping there will be another picture competition in the papers tomorrow morning, and then the headline “It's Not Her Either” at the end of the day.,,70131-1285900,00.html

    What if Google went bad..

    Cory Doctorow's recent short story Scroogled, imagined how things could be if Google turned bad and raised some interesting questions.

    In the Wall Street Journal today,  Cory is interviewed about his concerns about the amount of information that is being stored by us.

    I think that people are really bad at valuing their privacy….

    We say, all right,
    yes, incrementally collect my searches, do lots of analysis on my
    email, cross-link my email with my search habits. Cross-link my search
    habits with my RSS reader, my photos, my social network and the rest of
    …  all of these things
    incrementally improve my life ….. until there's a
    terrible privacy breach resulting from it. I think that collecting all
    that information in one place is just a bad idea, generally speaking.