SQL Prompt

SQL Prompt basically adds code completion features found in Visual Studio and other IDEs to SQL Server.

I came across this useful tool last week while on training using someone elses PC, and was surprised when the name of the table I wanted popped up as I typed into the query analyser screen

Unfortunately this one isn't free, but you can get a 14 day free trial which could still be useful.


Vatican Air passengers' holy water confiscated

Passengers on Vatican Air's debut flight to Lourdes had to dump all bottles of holy water over 100ml, in line with current thinking on anti-terrorism measures…

Lourdes water, currently priced at $134 per litre at lourdes-water.org, was drunk by some travellers, while others handed over their Madonna shaped bottles to customs officials…


Save Camden Market

Plans are well under way to re-develop Camden Stable's Market into something new… but not really something good, at least if other market developments around the country are anything to go by…

There's now an official Government petition you can sign if  your in agreement with the plans of saving Camden Market


Update. I wrote to Ken Livingstone, the London Mayor, about the Camden Stables market redevelopment and got a response basically saying it's nothing to do with him – it's really up to Camden Council what they do with the area. I did write back to ask when the Major would get involved, as I think Camden Market is a socially significant not to mention popular (both with tourists and, importantly, locals). No follow up answer as of yet.

Update #2. Second update in same day; the Lord Mayors office has just emailed me with details about when the Mayor can and will get involved in planning applications http://www.opsi.gov.uk/si/si2000/20001493.htm

There's a fair amount of legalease there, I guess the section called Definition of “application of potential strategic importance” is the bit that matters in this case.

Self destructing email messages

I've always thought self destructing email messages might be a good idea, that is emails that have a limited life and are permanently removed after being read or after a given period of time (read or not read).

10 Free Self Destructing Email Message Services

As we know, getting things deleted on the web isn't always possible. Google and other search engines do a good job of caching web content. Deleting your comments, bulletins or “wall messages” from a website doesn't mean a copy hasn't already been taken and stored somewhere else, somewhere you'll possibly never be able to delete it.

Mats Wahlqvist RIP

Just heard the sad news that my Swedish friend Mats Wahlqvist has been killed while on holiday in Portugal. Mats was familiar to some of my friends for holding an amazing New Years Eve party in Stockholm in 2005/06.

I had known Mats from from both his visits to London and mine to Stockholm. He was a very calm, good natured, kind sort of person. I last saw him last Winter when I bumped into him in Slussen, and we stopped to chat for a while and promised to arrange a proper meet up next time I was in Stockholm. That “next time” was last weekend….. and we didn't meet. Sometimes you don't have as much time as you think.

Stockholm 1995 (Mats on left)

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

I want one of these, I'm tired of getting the vacuum cleaner out from behind those record boxes under the kitchen table just to clear up the inevitable cheese cracker mess…. Or is that just me?


This robot vacuum cleaner, once charged up, scuttles round the floor cleaning up as it goes. If it bumps into something it backs up and trys to go round it…

Available from eBuyer for around £60

If I find a review that says this thing actually “delivers”, then I'll have one delivered. It's entirely lazy of me, but I'm worth it….