Machine Gun Shaped Hand Bag

Wouldn't suggest wearing this at an international airport or anywhere too public – a woman could get arrested…. James Piatt's latest hand bag might be more trouble than it's worth…

“For the girl on the move the Pursuader features a handy cel phone compartment in the clip. This is a combination of old-world craftsmanship and high technology. Create the look no one can refuse. “

Is it me, or is this advertising for the hand bag, I don't know, slightly Nazi ?

How To Exit A Conversation

Exit strategies for conversations you wish to leave, including my favourite…

Take a quick glance towards someone you know and tell your
conversationalist you have to help them. “I’m sorry, Mike’s had too
much; I must go”

This doesn't work everywhere, not at work for example, but there are some other amusing ways out…

Bring & Share Summer Fete

The inaugural Bring & Share Summer Fete takes place at the Lark In The Park  this Saturday 4th August, from 2pm to 2am. Featuring live music, DJs, stalls, BBQ..  and much much more…..

Live music is from from the hotly tipped Rosie Oddie and The Odd Squad and the LR Rockets, plus Bring & Share DJs (including myself) mixing your songs in to their sets.

Also live art in the garden, BBQ, jumble sale, cheap art sale, tombola, craft stalls and all the rest!

Bring & Share Summer Fete
Lark In The Park
60 Copenhagen Street,
Islington, N1 0JW

2pm – 7pm: £4   /   7pm – 2am: £6
Tube: Angel. Bus: 274
Map to Lark In The Park

The Emoticon (or smiley) is 25 Years Old

An interview with Scott Fahlman creator of emoticon, or smileys as some people like to call them, who claims to have invented them 25 years ago.

He may have not actually been the first to use it, and children have been drawing smiley faces next to sentences for ever, but he's generally accepted to be the inventor – sadly for him he's not making any money from the invention.

The plain text emoticons started it all, (“happy“, “sad“, “joking“), and more recently the instant messaging and chat rooms took them on and tried to create an emoticon for every single mood going (“thirsty“, “tired“, “sad but awake, happy but slight concern about tomorrow“, and so on)

Some people  love 'em, some hate 'em, and many people I know definitely over use them – but unless your sure someone elses sense of humour matches yours there's not much to beat them, right 😉

Interview here

Baking PC

Finally some ones gotten round to fitting an oven into a computer. What's taken them so long?

The PC-EZ-Bake oven fits a standard 5.25″ floppy drive bay – found in most PCs. The oven itself plugs into your computers power unit and is controlled by software supplied. Also supplied is the pan and six easy to make cake mixes and recipe book.

More details, and to purchase from

Mundane Popstar Names

BBC bothered to report on the top 10 pop star names, based on names that have had No 1 singles.

Ventura Barba from Yahoo! who conducted the research said, “It's surprising to discover that an everyday name can lay claim to such an accolade.

But actually it's not. There's only going to be one artist called Morrissey or Prince etc, so the figures are obviously going to reflect the more common names as they exactly that – more common.

1. Paul – 57
2. John – 54
3. David – 53
4. Brian – 43
5. George – 38
6. Mark – 37
7. Peter – 32
8. Tony – 30
9. Andy – 27
10. Shane – 24

Number of UK number one singles by acts
featuring people with the above names.
Source Yahoo! Music


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