The IGasm

No kidding! British erotica company Anne Summers has recently brought out the Igasm.

The device which hooks up to your iPod (or MP3 player) and then
vibrates in time with song's beat. Ladies can have many happy hours
going through music collection finding that perfect song!

Caffeine Buzz

Yes caffeine, everyone's favourite drug du jour is now to be available in doughnuts.. making life easier for those who don't even have time to eat breakfast and drink coffee.

But if you can't even wait till breakfast for your first caffeine fix, then how about caffeine in your soap. The Shock Shock soap contains caffeine which is absorbed through the skin as you wash.

Could be annoying if you accidentally used this soap just before going to bed though.

Goodbye Sweden Made Me

Last call for Brighton's Sweden Made Me club is tomorrow night.

I was in Heart & Hand pub with Rob Sniden the day he came up with his idea for all Swedish music club night. I was responsible for the poster design but only actually managed to go to the club once – and that's when the club came up to London to see me! My DJ set there that night subverted the contemporary music policy… mainly retro Swedish tunes from me.

Anyone is Brighton tomorrow (who likes things Swedish) would do well to pop in and say goodbye to this night. Though Rod tells me there may be one off specials in the future if the mood takes him.

Prince Albert Pub,
Trafalgar Street
8pm to 12:30am

Free 2 Gb Offsite Backup

Mozy is offering 2 GB back up space on it's server for free.

Why would you want that? Well your computer breaking (or being stolen) is bad enough, but loosing all those prized photos just adds to the grief….

Mozy provides free software to automatically send your most important files to their server ever X hours, and only when PC isn't really busy doing other stuff.

Software works for both Apple Mac & PC.

The back up can be encrypted to, so no one else can see what your storing on the backup server.

Get it here