Hotmail Gives Wrong Impression

A Human Resources consultancy has been rejecting job applications based on whether the applicant is using a hotmail email address. If they are the application goes in the bin.

Sounds unfair? Perhaps, but in this case the job is a techy one where the applicant is expected to web savy so you'd expect them to have their own domain email address or at least gmail or something. Considering this screening process still left them with 20 candidates I guess it probably saved them a lot of time.

Full article here…

Dungaree High Club

Dungaree High Club is back at the Bloomsbury Bowling lanes on Saturday 31st March, from 8pm till “early morning”.

Rock 'n' roll, garage, punk, metal and glam from Camden Slags, Max Pornscar, Nina, Stiletto and Danne, plus Black Radio, Skintight Jaguars and The Burns live.

Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes
Basement Of Tavistock Hotel
Tavistock Square,
London WC1H 9EU

The last Dungaree High was great, and pleased my little side project, The Camden Slags get to DJ there again.

Viewers with 'reader accounts' can see photos from the last Dungaree High.

Dungaree High is put on by The Hustler Squad.


As anyone who knows me well can testify, I'm a big fan of the nap. I'm pleased to see someone's taken the time and effort to categorise naps (see below).

My strength lies in the “mini-nap”, though at my first job about twelve years ago the Micro-Nap occasionally proved useful after mid-week clubbing for which the stationary room was ideal.

So here's a Men's Journal article about the benefits of napping and how to get the most out of it….

How Long Is A Good Nap?

THE NANO-NAP: 10 to 20 seconds
Sleep studies haven't yet concluded whether there are benefits to these brief intervals, like when you nod off on someone's shoulder on the train.

THE MICRO-NAP: two to five minutes
Shown to be surprisingly effective at shedding sleepiness.

THE MINI-NAP: five to 20 minutes
Increases alertness, stamina, motor learning, and motor performance.

Includes the benefits of the micro and the mini, but additionally improves muscle memory and clears the brain of useless built-up information, which helps with long-term memory (remembering facts, events, and names).

THE LAZY MAN'S NAP: 50 to 90 minutes
Includes slow-wave plus REM sleep; good for improving perceptual processing; also when the system is flooded with human growth hormone, great for repairing bones and muscles.