Streaming MySpace

Tomorrow Orb Networks release Orb for MySpace which will let users stream media (music, movies, photos etc) from their home PC over the internet to their MySpace page – for any MySpace visitors to look at.

Effectively bands and individuals will be able to set up their own radio stations, video channels, slide shows etc using files they already have at home – rather than having to upload to a web server first. Of course they'll have to leave their computers on all day for this to work.

Additionally it should mean people can have songs on their MySpace page that don't already exist in the MySpace network.

As the media is streaming the MySpace visitor won't be able to download the music, movie or what have you, therefore circumventing a few legal issues.

It sounds neat, though will have to see whether MySpace will be able handle the additional traffic.

The software is available now (Windows only at moment), on link below

The video below shows Orb in action, and how easy it can be..

My Computers

…. or “How I Didn't Become a Chef”

Bit of a lull in things to do here at lunchtime, so just add to the geek quotient of this blog – here's a list of all the computers I've owned so far in my life…  

  1. Sinclair ZX 81 – Bought at car boot sale, given away (wish I hadn't)
  2. Sinclair ZX Spectrum – Birthday present, given to friends 
  3. Apple IIe – Dumped, presumbly Redhill 
  4. Amstrad PC1512 (Intel 86) – Disposed of 
  5. GoldStar G286 (Intel 286/ATX) – Given to friend 
  6. Apple Mac 2 – Camden Borough municipal dump 
  7. Ollivetti laptop (Intel 386DX) – University, now in brothers attic 
  8. Tiny PC (Pentium) –  Chalk Farm years, now lost, possibly in Redhill 
  9. Dell PC (Pentium 2) – Chak Farm, now in C&N Cycles Redhill
  10. Homebuilt PC (AMD P4 equivalent) – Given to Mark 
  11. Toshiba M30 laptop (PentiumM) – Given to parents
  12. Dell XPS 700 (Core 2 Duo) – still in service 
  13. Philips X86 lapop (Core 2 Duo)

That's a lot of computers. I can only blame my father who bought the original one home from a car boot sale. The ZX81 along with it's power supply, leads and manuals arrived in an ice cream container, purchased on a whim that one of the family might be interested in it. I think it cost about £15.

The ZX81 had no tape deck and no built in software. This meant that it had to be programmed before it did anything. I wrote games for my brothers to play, but when the computer was turned off the game was lost, so I had to write it again the next time we wanted to play it. I quickly got used to coding.

Ridiculous in hindsight, but ultimately it's probably the reason I dropped my application to catering school and decided to study computer science. I wouldn't have been a good chef, I don't like mushrooms for a start.

For Your Consideration

Enjoyed this film, but expected more – which is more more to do with me comparing For Your Consideration against Christopher Guest's previous films. Against Guest's other work this may actually be the weakest of the lot, but it's still funny and very enjoyable.

Website Gender

In a website proposal presentation yesterday a discussion arose about the gender of websites – something which hadn't really occurred to me before. It's interesting as the sites I'm working with need to appeal equally to both genders.

Most websites are male in gender, probably something to do with the number of men designing and running websites. For certain websites it's advantageous if the site “feels female” in tone, and agencies will now run tests and offer advice on how to achieve this.

I found a free online tool Gender Genie which analyses any text you give it. You need to give it a hint as to whether it's fiction, non-fiction or blog writing, but it proved 100% accurate… well at least on the two tests I ran on it, one written by a female the other by me.