Photographer urges no-photo day

As those who know me know, I'm guilty, on occasion, of taking a too many photos of almost anything that's going on – as Ben Adams (of Lady Leather Machine fame) has often loudly pointed out.

Despite that I do tend to agree with the sentiments of Becca Bland's idea of a day when people keep their phone cameras tucked away and just 'celebrate the moment'.

I'd love to get a really good photo of everyone 'celebrating the moment'…

Idiot parents & the internet…

Good argument against the idiot parents out there who like to blame the internet for getting their child into trouble. The article is about a specific case of a parent trying to sue mySpace.. when you read the details it's just ridiculous

” Parents often think their teen is safe while using MySpace. It would
be nice to see how long that argument lasted if your kids got into
trouble in the local pub. The difference is that we know the pub is a
dodgy place to be, and we don't let underage people go there

So why are people trying to use the internet as a baby-sitting
service? There are a lot of places where it isn't safe to leave
unsupervised kids. The TV isn't a babysitter, the pub isn't a creche,
and the internet isn't a safe place where innocent and naive people can
be allowed to operate unsupervised either. Why are we trying to pretend
it can be? “

Full article here: